The Wrens Room

 This is the room for the babies. It is a bright, colourful, cosy and comfortable room designed to make the youngest children feel happy, secure and at home. There are lots of soft cushions and a well-padded 'dog' basket to cosy up in. Bright pictures on the walls and mobiles hanging from the ceiling make for a stimulating and interesting environment. A well planned timetable ensures there is a constant flow of different activities. Music is very popular with lots of instruments to shake, rattle and roll and, particularly, to bang! There are a number of different sensory boxes, which have a variety of contents of different textures, shapes and colours and, of course, a wide range of age appropriate toys.

The babies do their own crafts and messy play - they love the paints, where they may use brushes or their hands; they have been known to strip down to their nappies and use their whole bodies! Sand and playdough are also favourites and especially making snowstorms from coloured shaving foam.

We make sure the little ones get plenty of fresh air, exploring our large garden, feeding the chickens and guinea pigs and going on lots of local walks.

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