The Robins Room

The Robins Room is upstairs in the old hay loft. There are always lots of exciting activities going on, whether it be construction and building, or small world activities, including farms, zoos, garages or dolls houses. The children love dressing up and we have so many outfits for them to choose from, many of them lending themselves to role play.

Cooking is a favourite pastime - we are a dab hand at various types of cakes and biscuits and parents have been known to fight over our bread. Our pizzas can be as colorful as a paint palette and our very original Christmas mince pies are a real treat. Sometime we make our own dinner, using vegetables from our garden and apples we have picked from the trees. And the whole time the children are learning the importance of a healthy diet through our Good Munching Guide.


Spring time is particularly busy for us. At various times we have chicken or duck eggs in the incubator, frog spawn in the tank and caterpillars to watch grow. In no time at all we are releasing our frogs into the garden, beautiful butterflies into the sky and there are little chicks or ducklings scurrying around.

The children are allowed to move from activity to activityas their interest dictate. They love the garden with it's secret pathways, den, tree house and climbing equipment. Above all though, they love the space to run and play. We have frequent walks in the surrounding countryside, the local parks and in local woodland areas, where we can develop our Woodland Adventures project.

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