The Sparrows Room

This is our craft and messy room. Each day the children engage in craft and messy activities, using a variety of materials to make ever more wonderful creations. Painting is available every day, whether it is on an easel, a table or the floor, using hands, feet, brushes or cloths. Experimentation is encouraged, so the children explore the different effects of different paints on different materials and adding a variety of textures. The results are frequently  amazing.

Messy is what it says! The children are introduced to a wide variety of sensory experiences, working with sand, water, playdough, gloop (a sort of raw custard), shaving foam, slime (don't ask!) and a number of others. We use soil when we plant seeds and bulbs and talk about how the soil feels when we plunge our hands into it. We do lots of cooking and some spectacular (well, when they work!) scientific experiments. Needlessa to say, the room is specifically designed to be easily cleaned.

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