Meet the Staff

Linden Green (Owner)

Linden, a qualified cookery teacher, opened Elswick House in 1986 and is a mother to four children and, now, grandmother to Anna, Beth, Lucy, Emily and Layla. Linden maintains a very hands-on approach in the Nursery and aims to know all the children and their families personally. In fact some of the mums and dads once attended Elswick House as babies and toddlers themselves.

 Linden is very proud of her young staff  and is delighted to introduce them to you ....

Michelle - Nursery Manager

 We are delighted to welcome Michelle to Elswick House. She is very well qualified and has considerable childcare and managerial experience. Michelle grew up on a farm and has an affinity with the outdoors, which fits perfectly in with the Elswick House ethos. Having recently moved into the village, Michelle reckons she has the best commute in the world.

Kiera - Deputy Manager

Kiera is a fully qualified Nursery Nurse, who joined us in 2018 and was promoted to Toddler Room Leader early in 2019. When the vacancy for a Deputy Manager arose, Kiera was the obvious choice and she has taken on her new responsibilities wonderfully well. She recently abseiled down Millennium Point in Birmingham and raised £2,000 for a charity close to her heart.

Stephanie - Senior Nursery Nurse and Room Leader

Stephanie has always wanted to work with children and so she followed her heart by choosing to take a degree in Childhood Studies at Aberystwyth University, where she gained a very good 2.1. She has done voluntary work in East Africa and lists baking as one of her hobbies. Steph is well organised, caring and a real asset to the Nursery.

Shannon - Nursery Nurse

Shannon came to Elswick House threeyears ago and her willingness to roll up her sleeves and help endeared her to the staff from the start. She interacts beautifully with the children and is very popular. Shannon is very sociable and gets on well with colleagues and parents alike. She is very experienced now and is a fine Nursery Nurse.

Harriet - Room Leader

Harriet is a fully qualified Nursery Nurse and is one of our younger members of staff. Harriet is a bright, bubbly and very confident young lady, who is always ready to roll up her sleeves and help. She has gained a lot of experience while she has been with us and has developed into a first rate Nursery Nurse. Harriet is a real asset to Elswick House. 

Sam - Nursery Nurse

Sam has been with us since 2010 and is our longest serving member of staff. She got married last year and so life has been very exciting for her recently. Having spent most of the last 10 years working with other people's babies, Sam is currently looking after her own, and is thoroughly enjoying the experience! We look forward to Sam's return in the summer.

Amy- Nursery Nurse

Amy joined the staff at Elswick House in the summer of 2019. Sheis a fully qualified Nursery Nurse, who loves children and has rapidly developed a wonderful rapport with them. She claims to be a good listener, which is a big asset, as we have 31 little talkers all demanding attention. Amy also has a long list of voluntary work to her name. 

Naima- Nursery Nurse

Naima acquired a 1st Class BA (Hons)degree in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Wales in 2017 and then worked for two years in a Children's Centre in Cardigan. She is newly married and has recently moved into the Lichfield area. Naima tells us she has always wanted to work with children and we are delighted to welcome her to Elswick House.

Jen - Nursery Nurse

Jen has very recently moved to Lichfield from Torquay and we are delighted to welcome her to Elswick House. She has worked in childcare for many years and comes to us as a fully qualified and experienced Nursery Nurse. Jen has raised four sons and now is the proud grandmother of four grandchildren. Her love for the outdoors makes her an ideal fit for Elswick House.

Danielle - Room Leader

Danielle is a fully qualified Nursery Nurse, highly motivated and with four years experience within the profession. She has previously  worked with all age groups, though much of her training has been with babies; at Elswick House she will be working in all rooms. Danielle has a nice sense of fun and lists llama walking amongst her interests.  We believe Danielle will be a real asset to the Nursery!

Siobhan - Nursery Nurse

Siobhan has spent the last three years working on Cruise Ships as Assistant Youth Director for children aged 6 months through to teenagers. She is a team player, very committed and passionate about childcare. Siobhan is extremely well qualified, with an Honours Degree in Dance, and she aims to bring high quality dance and performance to the children at Elswick House.

Kim- Nursery Nurse

Kim is currently supporting the Senior Management Team with administrative tasks. She is a fully qualified and experienced Nursery Nurse, who numbers cross-stitch and meditation among her interests. Kim is always prepared to help and her willingness to roll up her sleeves at a moments notice has endeared her to the staff.

Jane - Nursery Nurse

Jane is a fully qualified and highly competent Nursery Nurse with considerable experience of working with children. She comes to us with wonderful references and we are delighted to gain her services. She is extreme;y friendly and has already formed excellent relationships with the children. Jane is very creative and is a self-taught artist. We aim to make great use of her talents!

Karen - Nursery Assistant

Karen is our newest member os staff. Karen's family moved to Australia when she was a baby and she has now moved back to the UK with her three sons. Australia's loss is our gain and we are delighted to welcome Karen as a member of our team at Elswick House. Karen is fully qualified and has wide childcare experience. Apart from her grandchildren, hiking is one of Karen's main interests.

Kim- Nursery Assistant

Karen (above) is no longer our newest member of staff, Kim is. Kim has a good honours degree, but is unqualified in childcare. She does, however, have lots of childcare experience and two young children at home to keep her on her toes. Kim has a good deal of common sense, a lovely personality and a great sense of humour. 

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