Meet the Staff

Linden Green (Owner/Proprietor)

Linden, a qualified cookery teacher, opened Elswick House in 1986 and is a mother to four children and, now, grandmother to Anna, Beth, Lucy, Emily and Layla. Linden maintains a very hands-on approach in the Nursery and aims to know all the children and their families personally.

 Linden is very proud of her staff at Elswick House and is delighted to introduce them to you ....

Emma - Nursery Manager

We were delighted to appoint Emma as Nursery Manager at the beginning of the year, following Sue's departure. Emma joined us in 2015, after running her own childminding business and lives in Tamworth with her husband and two children.  She is great fun, very approachable, well organised and very caring. We have high hopes that she will translate her passion for geocaching into lots of fun activities for the children. 

Jo - Deputy Manager and Toddler Room Supervisor

Jo left us last year to work as a teaching assistant in a local school. She did not feel the job gave her enough opportunities to make use of her talents and decided to return to nursery nursing. Jo has always had lots of exciting ideas for things to do with the children and we are delighted to welcome her back. 

Natalie - Baby Room Supervisor

Natalie is an absolute treasure and much loved by the babies. She has been in charge of the Baby Room for a number of years and she and her team have made it into a truly interesting, exciting and vibrant home for the babies.

Emily - Toddler Room Deputy Manager

Emily first came to Elswick House when she was at school, doing her Duke of Edinburgh Award. We were delighted to offer her a position when she finished her Nursery Nurse training in 2014 and she is proving to be an excellent appointment.

Liz - Nursery Assistant

Liz is in charge of the Craft Room and a much respected and valued member of staff. She supervises the displays in the Nursery and also gives invaluable help and support to younger members of staff.

Dawn- Nursery Nurse

Dawn is a fully qualified Nursery Nurse, who lives locally. We are delighted with Dawn's appointment; not only have the babies really taken to her, but she also seems to have a wonderful knack of getting the older children to do exactly what she wants! Dawn's time will be divided equally between the babies and the toddlers. She is already a firm favourite with the children.

Cheryl - Nursery Nurse

Cheryl is very motherly and is always surrounded by children, who plainly adore her. She has a particular affinity with the younger children. Cheryl is supportive of all aspects of Nursery life and is a highly valued member of staff.

Katie - Nursery Nurse

Katie and her two sisters came to Elswick House when they were children, so we were particularly pleased when Katie applied for a position here. She works in the Baby Room and has come with lots of exciting ideas and a strong work ethic.

Sophie - Nursery Nurse

We are delighted to welcome Sophie to Elswick House. She is sporty and has lots of wonderful ideas she wants to try out with the children. Sophie loves working with the babies and is joining Natalie and the team in the Baby Room. 

Louise- Nursery Nurse

Louise is a well qualified Nursery Nurse with nearly 10 years of experience. She has a little boy, who is just starting school, so she knows all about little boys. Louise enjoys craft and outdoor activities and will be mainly working upstairs with the toddlers. We hope she will be very happy with us. 

Sam - Nursery Nurse

Sam, we are delighted to say, is now recovering well from her illness and is gradually getting back into life at Elswick House. It is lovely to have you back, Sam, and we look forward to seeing some of your wonderful wall displays once again.

April - Nursery Nurse

April is our newest member of staff. She is well qualified and an experienced Nursery Nurse.  She has only recently moved to the area, having spent two and a half years travelling the world. We believe she has a lot to offer Elswick House and  are delighted about her appointment.

Sami - Nursery Nurse

Sami came to us in 2010 as an 18 year old and developed into a first class nursery nurse. She stayed with us for five years and has returned on a part time basis, combining her work at nursery with her university studies. We are delighted to have her back!

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