30 Things To Do Before You Go To School

Our statated aim at Elswick House is to give children the best possible start in life and to ensure  that, when they go to school, they are confident, independent and sociable young people, with a highly developed curiousity and a love of learning. But we also want them to always remember the wonderful times they had with us. We want them to remember the FUN and some of the exciting things they did. So here is our list of 30 things we are aiming to do with all our children over the next 12 months. Needless to say we shall be adding more to the list as the year goes by!


  1. Bake small cakes - ice them - then lick the bowl or spoon!
  1. Lie of the ground and look at clouds / the wind turbine
  1. Pick apples / plums from a tree and eat them
  1. Climb a tree
  1. Crawl through a hollow log
  1. Collect frog spawn
  1. Fly a kite
  1. Follow a trail
  1. Go on a bear hunt
  1. Build a snowman
  1. Go on a picnic in the woods and make your own sandwiches
  1. Jump in ice puddles
  1. Go down a water slide or run through a water spray
  1. Help make a fire - toast marshmallows
  1. Collect 'helicopters', throw them up and watch them fall
  1. Go out in the dark with a torch
  1. Play Pooh sticks
  1. Dig up carrots and potatoes in the garden and eat them
  1. Jump in puddles
  1. Ride in a wheelbarrow
  1. Roll down a hill
  1. Run in a big open space
  1. Run in the woods
  1. Shout in a tunnel/under a bridge and listen to the echo.
  1. Sit in a fire engine and listen to the siren
  1. Throw stones into water and over ice
  1. Watch canal boats and help them through a lock
  1. Pick strawberries and eat them
  1. Toss a pancake
  1. Hold a hen, stroke it and collect their eggs


What fun we are going to have !!!!!!


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